Reiki is a system of hands on healing, with the belief that universal life force energy is transmitted through the hands of the experienced practitioner, to the recipient balancing the emotional and physical body. This healing technique is incredibly gentle. A warmth or vibration may be felt by the recipient from the hands of the practitioner. This technique is very relaxing, and is often used in hospitals or in situations where the gentlest of body work need be administered. This touch is safe, and can also be done by distance with hands hovering over the recipient, or even by physical separation of practitioner and recipient. Recipients often report feeling lighter, more peaceful, better able to sleep, reduced physical pain and with a renewed sense of wellness after receiving a session.

Reiki is often used in Elizabeth’s facials, offering a unique and beautiful healing session.

Reiki Pricing-

60 minutes- Sliding scale $60-$100, please inquire about lower rates if you are experiencing financial hardship, Elizabeth is always happy to work with you.


Healing Work

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